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Preprogramed cell phone dating service

My husband has early stage Alzheimers and as his only carer (with care co-ordination and GP back up) I want to establish as manageable a life-style as possible for him.He has never got to grips with mobile phones (he's 74) but I have recently heard of something on the market which might be totally appropriate.These buttons serve not only as auto-dial buttons for on-campus numbers when pressed, but they also will show when that on-campus station is on the telephone.Contact Information Technology for additions or changes to your station busy buttons (at no charge).CALL FORWARDING ALL CALLS Allows you to forward your phone calls to another 864 number or a local off-campus number.When forwarding to another on-campus number, your phone calls will route to your voice mail box if unanswered at the forwarded number.If you have an 8410, 8411, or 8434 telephone, the following buttons can be pre-programmed on your softkeys located at the top of the telephone.You can display any of the softkey features by pressing Station busy buttons have dual functionality.

If a provider declines to reactivate a handset that is not location-capable, the FCC still requires the provider to deliver a 911 call from that handset to the appropriate PSAP.You only have a NORMAL button if you have a 7406, 7407, or Callmaster digital set.The NORMAL button is not needed on the 8410, 8411, or 8434 model sets.To activate Call Forwarding to another on-campus number: Allows you to answer a call ringing in on another telephone number in your office from your own telephone set (you must first identify to Information Technology which telephone numbers should be in your call pick up group).Allows display of information about incoming and outgoing calls.

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The FCC permits exclusions only where wireless carriers determine that providing location accuracy is limited, or technologically impossible, because of either heavy forestation or the inability to triangulate a caller's location.