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Midadult dating com

I've seen readers say they feel they are cheating on their New Adult book loves with these more worn, wiser characters of Mid-Adult... So does that mean that a character can be sexy after 25? In my opinion, I think readers are realizing life doesn't end when the characters turn 30.Writers in this genre have new stories to tell that are sprinkled with a past that enriches their character's journey.

Middle age sounds more dated and older than these characters, which tend to be vibrant and worldly.

Choosing to participate in a study is an important personal decision.

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It's interesting to see what happens to youth once life gets a hold of it, gives it a dose of reality, and sets it free again.

There's a new genre popping up on Amazon and Goodreads that's exploring these types of stories.

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In this genre, the main characters have explored many paths, sometimes choosing the wrong one that has lead them to this stage.

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