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While Regina talks with Sidney on the phone about looking up the information, she hands her son to a hospital volunteer, Mary Margaret, who instinctively begins rocking and soothing him.Stunned that Henry has finally quieted down, she takes him back into her own arms, to which he starts to cry again, leading her to believe there is something wrong with her as a mother.He runs away to his castle playground where Emma returns his book.

NOTE: You may be tempted to mark what you think you should do.While Henry is resting in a crib, she brings him to her vault.She tells him a story of a queen and her prince as she makes and then drinks a potion to help herself forget about his birth mother. Henry is also frustrated by the sameness in town, and believes he doesn't belong.Upon entering Storybrooke, Henry's refusal to give out his home address prompts Emma to step out of the car, to which Archie approaches them on the street.Henry is dishonest when Archie asks him about why he skipped their session, and is advised against being untruthful.

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Later, from his bedroom window, Henry watches Emma leave the house.

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