Adult cam in nature web

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Adult cam in nature web

They have enthralled us, made us laugh, made us cry, and taught us much about eagles and nature.HEGPS would like to continue to broadcast the Hornby Eagles Nest and Territory cam to see Dad's life journey continue without his longtime mate.The fifth book in the series LOST AND GONE FOREVER was released May 2016. He is working on the sixth novel of Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad.

September 26, 2016 First, a heartfelt Thank You to several generous donors who responded to our fundraising campaign.Of course, we don't know what happened in August, but presumably Dad left to go look for salmon and Em did too.Yesterday (September 25), booni photographed an eagle in Dad's perch tree in Hidden Beach. Check the forum for notes and photos: Ground Observations 2016-2017 January 2016 Dad Hornby returned to his territory in September 2015 but despite our hopes Mom Hornby, whom we last saw on cam March 16, 2015, has not returned to join Dad.Securco was unable to get the camera working again, the DVR is only semi-responsive and they were also unsuccessful with the microphone. Em, the female that attached herself to Dad last year, returned and stuck to him like glue again, helping to defend the territory.They are bringing in another DVR to see if the microphone, at least, can be "brought back." We are exploring options to replace the system - it is apparently now possible to get a high definition camera that is analog rather than digital (Hornby Island's internet will not support digital). A good herring spawn in March brought other eagles to the area, but there were no huge battles like the ones we saw last year.

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